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List your room, vacation rental, or other accommodation you want to rent out. You can share caravans, to treehouses, to villas. Whatever you have and wish to rent out and host guests, you can. Make certain it is yours and you have the right to do so ... or you will be violating the Terms of Service. Other than that. Please become a host and make some extra cash renting out your property.


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* All information is held in strictest privacy. We never sell, give away, or transfer any information to a 3rd party.

To list your vacation rentals for FREE please make sure you:

  1. Own the vacation rental or have authority to rent it.
  2. Validate ownership or authority of the vacation rental by confirming that you have the rental on another site.
  3. Display as many quality photos of the vacation rental as you can. 5 quality photos are required.

Please note: to ensure that Vacation Diggs delivers quality inquiries we reserve the right to decline any property.

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