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Why Join Vacation Diggs? / FAQs

Host Guests in Your Diggs & Pay No Fees

Feature your travel diggs for free. There are no fees, no commissions. Our goal is to connect travelers with hosts.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a prospective renter, do I need to Join Vacation Diggs?

No. If you are looking for a vacation rental, there is nothing to Join. Simply click on Search for Vacation Rentals and get started today.

How do I update the availability calendar for my listing?

Your personal availability calendar is maintained through our Member Login area. Simply login using your username and password. You will see a brief description of each of your listings along with an option to Edit the Availability Calendar. In the administration section, you have the ability to list and view reservations for your property.  Prospective renters will only see that the date is not available. They will not see the renter information.

What is the annual listing fee?

Our annual listing fee is FREE 

As a property owner or manager, what does my Vacation Diggs membership entitle me to?  

24/7 exposure of your property
Professional listings complete with photographs, description, and rates that you set
NO management or setup fees.
Personal Availability Calendar included
Option to list a link to your personal website or a related site
Ability to edit your information 24 hours a day
Dedicated marketing plan to make sure your listing is found
Hassle-free, easy to navigate website
Personal webpage for your listing.  You can use the link with other marketing activities.

How do I pay for additional photos if I add them to my listing later?

You can add unlimited photos to your listing.

Can I enter multiple listings at one time?


If you have more questions, please see our information listed on the Contact Us page.